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fic: Personal Statement

I WON THIS ROUND OF whoverse_las! I was *not* expecting that. Thrilled!

Title:  Personal Statement
Author: professor_spork 
Character/Pairing: Amy/Rory
Rating: PG
Summary: In which Amy helps Rory complete an odious task.
Disclaimer: They're not mine! Take no offense and hire no lawyers.
Author's Notes: **WINNER** round 1 challenge four at whoverse_las, cross-posted to she_is_to_me.

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In which Arthur inspires conversation.

 This is why marlenanargle rules.

[10:55:50 PM] Leah: he's so pretty
[10:56:04 PM] Marlena: zrxtcyuvibon;nbkh
[10:56:23 PM] Marlena: is it...is it weird that I find his nose really sexy in that picture?
[10:56:30 PM] Leah: not at all.
[10:56:33 PM] Leah: but: LAYERS.
[10:56:49 PM] Marlena: it IS nice to have a DW boy who can dress himself
[10:57:01 PM] Leah: well actually I'm pretty sure this is a shot from him in a play.
[10:57:05 PM] Marlena: shhhh
[10:57:07 PM] Leah: xD
[10:57:43 PM] Leah: curse you karen gillan
[10:57:56 PM] Leah: Matty is in love with you, AND YOU GET TO PRETEND TO BE MARRIED TO *THAT*
[10:58:12 PM] Marlena: PLUS, she has All The Pretty
[10:58:26 PM] Leah: SHE'S HOGGING THEM ALL
[10:58:34 PM] Leah: SHE HAS ALL THE TALL, TOO.
[10:58:42 PM] Leah: AND IS A NATURAL GINGER.
[10:58:45 PM] Leah: BITCH.
[10:58:56 PM] Leah: AHAHAHAHAHA
[10:59:42 PM] Marlena: It's in the back of the book; they try to keep it secret
[11:00:34 PM] Leah: they're equal and opposite. like. Karen can only be ginger, but Billie can be anything but ginger. tall versus petite. round jaw square jaw.
[11:00:43 PM] Leah: CRAZY.
[11:01:01 PM] Leah: though I think their eye colors are actually almost identical, now that I'm comparing them.
[11:02:05 PM] Leah: *makes note to use that in fic*
[11:02:06 PM] Marlena: imagine if the child of Karen and Matt, and the child of Billie and David (ignore the improbability and impropriety)...had a baby. It would rule the world.

holy shit.


... also, I think I'm starting to have way too much fun with my tags.
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Memes! Days the Twenty-Sixth and -Seventh

My apologies for skipping yesterday, f-list! I was busy scrambling frantically to finish my entry in time, and then I sat down in front of the TV all day with marlenanargle so she could watch Star Wars properly for the first time. It was TRULY EPIC. So, back to the memes!

Harry Potter Day 26: If you could do one spell, what would it be?

Accio! No question. I'm a lazy bum. Next?

Harry Potter Day 27: Which Hallow would you most want to own?

Invisibility Cloak, but I must say I'm not much of one for Sneaking About. But it's the least dangerous item, I'd think. So. Yeah.

Doctor Who Day 26: Favorite Who Actress

Isn't she gorgeous?

Oh my GOD, Billie Piper.

My love for this woman knows NO BOUNDS. I think she's quite literally one of my favorite people on the entire face of the fucking Earth. She's just so... I guessed from the moment I found out that she was actually Robin Sparkles used to be a teen pop sensation that there were unfathomable depths to her. But oh lord I didn't even KNOW. I mean. I've read her autobiography.* I've read, watched and heard the interviews.

But no matter how much I read or see, I will *never understand* what truly makes Billie Piper tick.

She's like a mystery wrapped in an enigma wrapped in a conundrum wrapped in pure sexiness. And it's not that she doesn't try to explain herself-- on the contrary, she's the most frank, open and honest actress to ever give an interview, ever. The woman has NO SHAME. And I *adore* that about her. It's so refreshing to hear someone actually tell it like it is-- and that's, like, what she was put on this planet to do. Tell It Like It Is.

Just. Let's have an example, shall we? Quoth Billie: "Yeah, I fancy women big time... I check them out more than I check men out. Maybe I would want to sleep with a woman... Not Beyonce, although I like the look of her, I don't think she's that dirty."

Um. That's pretty much everything I love most about her in three sentences. Case closed.

*If you haven't, DO SO RIGHT NOW. Growing Pains. It is the greatest book you will ever read, and the only book you'll ever need to read again. You want funny? It has funny. You want heartbreak? In spades. Sexy? WHO DO YOU THINK WE'RE TALKING ABOUT HERE? Once you read it, your only thought will be an excited, frantic WHY DO I EVEN OWN OTHER BOOKS?!

Doctor Who Day 27: An Episode You Wish Hadn't Been Made

Also known as "the only episode that's ever made me consider flouncing from Doctor Who."

I know a lot of people have a lot of raeg and vitriol for Girl in the Fireplace. As I've already explained, I don't, so much, have that. But holy FUCK can I unleash some righteous fury for Cold Blood.

Let's not even talk about how this entire two-parter is boring as hell. Or how they cut the only worthwhile scene. Or how Ambrose is treated in a truly despicable, sexist fashion.

They kill Rory. They kill Rory, and Amy forgets him.

I don't care that this issue was mostly resolved by Vincent and the Doctor, what with her nameless sorrow and crying at nothing and OH LOOK, RORY'S A PLASTIC CENTURION. You can't play those kinds of games in the middle of a season, when you have a character like Amy whose emotional growth depends on her being grounded by SOMETHING. Rory was the only thing giving Amy any kind of gravitas or grip on actual, human development. And that was stolen from her. Without Rory, Amy becomes undefined. Without a wedding, we don't know what she's running away from. She has no one to run back to. They'd JUST KILLED HIM ALREADY an episode previously. But before we were able to explore the changes in him and in Amy and in their relationship... he was fucking erased.

I've never been so offended, angered or saddened by my show. And I really, really hope I never will be again.

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Memes! Day the Nineteenth.

Just a friendly reminder-- you're still welcome to have a go at the Stump Me meme. I love a challenge!

Harry Potter Day 19: Do You Prefer the Books or the Films?

Not dignifying this question with a better response.

Doctor Who Day 19: Which Character is Most Like You?

Well, if we're being very very brutally honest, probably Bliss from Love and Monsters? But no.

It's a tie!

No, I don't have any aspirations to the medical profession. I'm much too squeamish.

HOWEVER, the thing that drives them pursue said profession? I've got that in spades. What Rory and Martha have in common is their innate desire to fix you. Martha lets everyone walk all over her because she feels as though the whole universe is her responsibility-- if she doesn't give them her time and attention, who will? The world's a mess, and she just needs to rule it heal it. All of this is apparent from her very first conversations in Smith & Jones. Her ambitious need to HELP and implicit assumption that she doesn't matter as much as other people stop her from being herself-- but it also makes her rather a bit like me. Or, me at my worst. (And best.) Her big triumph in series three was getting over that-- learning not to see herself as a supporting character in her own life. That she's not very successful when she tries to be Rose, but that she's wonderful when she just lets herself be Martha.

Rory isn't as universally giving as Martha is-- he let himself get dedicated to the happiness of a single person. He's only as good as Amy is-- when she has a bad day, he has a bad day; when she's hurting, he hurts. I'm trying not to be that person, but I've absolutely been in that position in the past. (In fact, beingfacetious wrote a pretty amazing fic about it.) But Rory has this amazing ability to see people. He spends about three hours with the Doctor and is able to boil down his entire personality in like three sentences: "You're-- you know what's dangerous about you? It's not that you make people take risks; it's that you make them want to impress you. You, you make it so they don't want to ~let you down.~ You have NO IDEA how dangerous you make people to themselves when you're around." It takes a remarkable intuition and clarity of thought to be able to understand a person so deeply, so fast-- and a great deal of creativity and eloquence to be able to actually articulate those insights. I'd like to think I'm similar.

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fic: Bad Habits

Title: Bad Habits
Author: professor_spork 
Character/Pairing:  Amy/Rory, Jeff
Rating: PG-13
Summary:  It should have been a relaxing day at the lake. Cracked!timeline, no real spoilers.
Disclaimer: Not mine!
Author's Notes: Written for Challenge 01 at she_is_to_me. I'm not sure if I'm entirely happy with it, but I need to let it leave the nest eventually xD

( Ever since she was a little girl, Amy Pond has loved to swim. )

fic: Something Borrowed

Title: Something Borrowed
Author: professor_spork 
Character/Pairing:  Eleven/Rose,Ten II/Rose, Amy/Rory by mention. alt!alien!Donna.
Rating: PG
Summary:  SPOILERS THROUGH THE END OF SERIES FIVE. After sacrificing himself, the Doctor ends up in the least expected of places.
Disclaimer: The only one of them I have any claim to is little Donna.
Author's Notes: Written for the Then There's Us ficathon, from a prompt given by callmebombshell. Unbeta'd. The little Donna we meet here has been in my head a while; I never imagined she'd premiere like this. I hope you like her.
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fic: a kind of grace

Title: a kind of grace
Author: [info]professor_spork 
Character/Pairing: Eleven, Amy/Rory. Implied Doctor/Rose. Hints at Eleven/River if you squint.
Rating: PG
Summary: On the outside looking in as a loudmouthed ginger in a white gown dances with her new groom, his thoughts stray towards Rose Tyler—and he lets them. SPOILERS THROUGH THE END OF SERIES FIVE.
Disclaimer: They're not mine! Take no offense and hire no lawyers.
Author's Notes: Written for Challenge 41 over at then_theres_us.

( He is always just now meeting her again for the first time. )

fic: Playing Dress Up

Title: Playing Dress Up
Author: professor_spork 
Character/Pairing: Amy/Rory
Rating: PG-13
Summary: Amy, Rory, and the disguises we all wear. A love story. SPOILERS THROUGH THE FINALE. Cracked!timeline.
Disclaimer: They're not mine! Take no offense and hire no lawyers.
Author's Notes: My first proper series five fic! Hee. Will probably end up cross-posted all over the damn place, as I've never written anything I couldn't put on time_and_chips before.

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